A lot of people have asked Hawk Director, Emma Hoad how she found the process of becoming a MRICS. She’s always willing to offer advice to those looking to do the same, so feel free to get in touch with her but …here are her top 5 tips:

1. Start early – do not under-estimate the amount of time it takes to capture all your diary and CPD data.

2. Update your documents regularly – weekly if you can, this will save you so much pain!

3. Visit the DeLever Limited website – Jon Lever and his team have some excellent free resources that have been invaluable in the management of this process…I cannot recommend their APC diary template enough, and it’s free!

4.  Arrange a mock interview – either with a colleague, someone you trust or a coach.

5.  Enjoy the process – whilst I initially started this process to chase those 5 little letters after my name, I’ve enjoyed learning so much in the process, not just the technical competencies but about myself as well.