Do you watch home improvement programmes on the TV and wince at the escalating budgets and over-running timescales?

Why didn’t they do their sums correctly?

How did they not order the windows in time? Or always a common one – how did they order the wrong windows?

The answer…     They didn’t have a Quantity Surveyor!

Keeping track of all areas of a project is a big job, and any new build, refurbishment or extension could really benefit from a Quantity Surveyor being involved at the start to plan and manage the commercial aspects of the project.

Even the most organised of projects that are well progressed can suffer from a loss of control over the timescales and figures, but a QS can help to regain some sense of control to minimise any further losses and/or reduce any further risks.

Financial & commercial:
A QS will make sure that every cost is accounted for and your budget is not over-spent. They will compare quotes and scopes of work to identify the best contractor(s) for the project at the best value.

Missed elements of a build, scope gaps and poorly managed risks are common pitfall for projects. A QS uses their skills to help bring finances back on track if the unforeseen things do happen or if costs are higher than budgeted.

Contractual & Legal:
Contracts are key – and a quantity surveyor will ensure your contracts with suppliers, contractors and consultants are drafted correctly and reflect the agreed scope of services to avoid things being missed and/or charged for outside of the budget.

A QS will also make sure that signed contracts are stuck to – what is agreed upon is undertaken and parties understand their responsibilities. They also ensure responsibility for every aspect of the project lies with someone, so that in the case of a dispute or a claim, contracts can be used to reach a resolution.

In the event of a disagreement or dispute, a QS would also pursue and settle any claims to a point of resolution.