One of our values at Hawk is to help the next generation into the industry, but also to showcase the profession to young people who might not have considered it. Quantity Surveying draws on many skills – maths, communication, organisation, law and problem-solving. Our Director Emma Hoad welcomed Alfie in for some work experience and also to let us know how he found his time with us.


What have you been doing with Hawk during your work experience?

While being at Hawk Surveying, I have undertaken work experience where I have been able to work alongside Emma to have an insight into the role, responsibilities and day to day activities of a Quantity Surveyor. Throughout my time with Hawk, I have been able to develop a clear understanding of a tender package, subcontract, Schedule of drawings, specifications & reports, quotes & comparisons, read and measure drawings to then price materials and labour. Also using Excel to create tables to import data to then be sent to clients and project managers. Having the privilege to listen in on conversations between clients making sure all requirements are met, subcontractors, main contractors and consultants to develop an understanding of conversation used.


Has it been what you expected?

I have previously been involved in some quantity surveying works so I did already have a general idea of quantity surveying, but I wanted to work alongside an experienced Quantity Surveyor to expand my knowledge and understanding of the tasks required and I feel like Emma has managed to do this extremely well by sharing her advanced knowledge in this field.


Did you find anything about Quantity Surveying that you didn’t know before?

Before starting work experience with Hawk, I knew there would be a lot of mathematics involved and managing costs throughout a project, but I have been shocked at how much law plays a large role in quantity surveying, for example, making sure projects meet legal and quality standards. I have been surprised at how involved you must be in a project and how important it is to have regular meetings with those involved in the project to maintain a smooth delivery.